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Integrating membrane and cytoskeletal functions for cell dynamics

Leading-edge technologies for studying cell dynamics

Leading-edge technologies for studying cell dynamics

To understand cell dynamics, we need to study cell behaviour and structure in space and time, both within living organisms and cells.

We use a wide range of top-class facilities at the University to study cell structure, function and dynamics both in vivo and in vitro.

Outstanding recent developments in light microscopy allow us to image single cells at super-resolution, and whole organisms with minimal light damage. See our bioimaging facility for more information.

We are taking resolution of cellular structures even further, using our top-class electron microscopy facilities that include a Polara cryo electron microscope, and a Gatan 3View.

We also use a wide range of structural approaches to understand protein structure, interactions and dynamics. Functional proteomics gives us further insight into dynamic protein-protein interaction networks, and how these are engaged by different signalling pathways.