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Principal investigators

Below is a list of the researchers involved in Gene expression, chromatin and signalling.


Deregulation of gene expression in disease

Dr Stephen Eyre
Long distance transcriptional interaction in rheumatoid arthritis.

Professor Andrew Loudon
Biological clocks and epigenetic mechanisms.

Dr Kimberly Mace
Impact of ageing and diabetes on inflammatory cell function during tissue repair and regeneration.

Dr Sankari Nagarajan
Epigenetic regulation in aggressive cancers

Dr Karen Piper-Hanley
Mechanisms underlying scarring in fibrotic diseases.

Gene regulatory programmes driving cell fate decisions

Professor Hilary Ashe
Gene expression dynamics in response to cell signalling.

Professor Nicoletta Bobola
Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in development and evolution.

Professor Mike Dixon
Craniofacial development and associated congenital malformations.

Professor Neil Hanley
Genomic regulation of human embryogenesis.

Dr Mato Lagator
Mechanisms of transcriptional gene regulation and evolution of gene regulatory networks in bacteria.

Professor Nancy Papalopulu
Dynamic cell state transitions in development, cancer and regeneration.

Dr Paul Shore
Transcription factors and breast cancer development.

Signalling and transcriptional dynamics

Dr Pawel Paszek
Inflammatory and immune cellular signalling networks.

Professor Magnus Rattray
Modelling and inference in biological systems.

Dr Cathy Tournier
MAP kinase signalling pathways.

Dr Alan Whitmarsh
The cellular response to stress.

Chromatin structure and gene regulation

Dr Siddhart Banka
Human developmental disorders of chromatin remodelling.

Dr Gino Poulin
Histone modifications and stress signalling.

Professor Andy Sharrocks
The mechanisms of signal-dependent transcriptional control.

RNA fate and function in gene regulation

Dr Mark Ashe
The control of mRNA fate.

Dr Raymond O'Keefe
The function of non-coding RNAs.

Dr Matthew Ronshaugen
Non-coding RNA regulation of gene expression and function.