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Protein and RNA fate


How the fate of proteins and RNAs is regulated is critical to understanding cellular, tissue and organismal biology as well as disease. We combine expertise on post-transcriptional and post-translational control of gene regulation with structural biology, computational biology and genomic medicine to dissect the processes involved.

Our research spans diverse systems and areas of biology investigating how the fate of different proteins and RNA molecules are regulated and contribute to cellular physiology and pathology.

We use a range of systems including, various tissue culture models, yeast, zebrafish, worms and drosophila to study:

  • RNA processing, localisation and stability;
  • Cellular responses to stress;
  • Protein targeting and sorting;
  • Protein synthesis and folding;
  • Global regulation at the protein and RNA level.

This research area is led by Professor Mark Ashe and Professor Steve High.

Major research activities

Our researchers

Discover more about some of our key researchers making outstanding contributions to research in protein and RNA fate.

Principal investigators

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Featured researchers

Professor Stephen High

Professor of Biochemistry

stephen high

Stephen High is a Professor of Biochemistry and a Wellcome Trust Investigator. Research in his lab aims to understand how proteins are inserted into lipid bilayers to form biologically functional membranes.

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Dr Ray O’keefe

Senior Lecturer

Ray O'keefe

Ray O’keefe is a Senior lecturer who studies how mRNA is processed using yeast as a model. His recent work has exploited this system to identify mechanistic consequences underlying specific human disease mutations.

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Professor Simon Hubbard

Professor of Computational Biology

Simon Hubbard

Simon Hubbard is a Professor in Computational Biology. His main research focus at present is on quantitative proteomics: how can we measure the levels of all the individual proteins in cells, and understand how levels change under different conditions.

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Dr Shane Herbert


Shane Herbert

Shane Herbert is a Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow. His research aims to explain the mechanisms and timing cell of identity decisions during blood vessel formation in zebrafish. He has a particular interest in the role of RNA localisation in these processes.

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Postgraduate opportunities

Individual group leaders within the protein and RNA fate research area have PhD studentship projects as part of the following funded programmes:

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Professor Mark Ashe

Administrative enquiries

Yasmin Moore
tel: +44 (0)161 306 7104